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(Almost Officially) Wine Obsessed

A girl’s got one thing on the brain: wine. Maybe it’s not what every twentysomething is thinking about, but I’m most definitely obsessed and soon that’ll be official.

Lately, it’s been a bit quiet on the blog. And although you’d assume that life has been quiet too, it’s actually been sort of hectic. Despite my desire to hurry back to Italy, it would appear that I’m sticking around the True North Strong and Free for a weeeee bit longer. I should know by now, but life always seems to have a way of changing your plans when you least expect it.

While I continue to venture around NOTL, Mississauga, Toronto and all the places in between, I’ve decided that although I can’t really start on a serious job hunt just yet, I can do other things in the meantime. I can keep writing, blogging and maybe add studying to the roster also.

Studying what, you ask? Well, this gal is already wine obsessed and has been since I could start drinking so I figured it was time to translate that hobby into something a bit more serious. That means that I’ll be starting my first level of WSET certification in a couple of weeks, which would give me some insight into the vast world of wine and what the work of a sommelier might entail.

While I’ve learned a fair bit in school, spent some time doing my own research and of course experienced LOTS of tastings, I figured that certification could set the foundation for future endeavours in the food and wine sector and give me some more perspective.

So, I guess this means that I’ll be doing some more drinking, but rest assured that this time it’s just for educational purposes!

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