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An Ode to Fairmont’s Chicken Wings

You are delicious. Even after a night of binging on Fran’s burgers and fries. Even after a big ole’ vanilla milkshake to wash it all down.

Spicy, tangy, sweet. The undeniably sultry sauce coated over these crispy fried chicken wings is enough to help you reach zen all the while completely electrifying your tastebuds.

Like a saucy little stranger waltzing into your room at half-past-eleven, these bad boys will call out your name, if you listen closely.

No pub or wing joint could ever come close to great masterpiece that is the Fairmont Chicken Wing platter. That is the honest truth.

They are the definition of decadence; more than your typical midnight saunter to the kitchen fridge. These wings are high class and it isn’t just because they are served in spotless shining dinner cloche and white-linen napkins on the side.

Aside from the sensual imagery, these wings really are something to try, I guarantee it. I’m not a wing-lover in the least but after sampling one off of Chris’ plate, I knew I’d never be the same person again. Basically, they were amazing and now I need everyone to know.

Though I’ve convinced myself that I hated wings for as long as I can remember, I’ve realized it’s possible that I just haven’t had a good wing yet…. That is the three vital criteria have been lacking, which consists of:

  • Quality of meat (type, tenderness, size)

  • Texture (crispy, grilled, etc.)

  • Flavour (sauce of spices)

In reflecting on what the Fairmont’s serving, maybe it’s the size of the chicken wings themselves-large and meaty like a turkey’s wing. And who doesn’t love a whooping wing?

The meat itself was also quite tender and moist, which elevates the overall quality of the meat itself. That said, I still fancy a lil chicken wing drumette the best...maybe it’s my obsession with all things tiny.

Moving on to the texture, these chicken wings have a sticky and almost caramelized coating. Between being breaded, sauced, baked (even if they’re not, I’m saying they are so I feel like less of an indulgent piggy) and then sauced again, the coating on these wings is the perfect creation.

Of course, the sauce doesn’t just help add levels of texture, but flavour. This wing glaze is smoky with just a kick of sweet and heat. A bright and wild Ronald-McDonald-red hue, this sauce truly is #theboss.

And there’s no doubt that you’ll be dipping crudités in the side of ranch because $22 is too fat a price tag to let the side dish go to waste. Lick the sauce off your fingers and the plate because you’re going to want to maximize all that flavourful wing tasting, especially when you’ve paid that premium green!

Trust me, trust Chris, trust the Fairmont, and order those wings. You won’t regret it, curled up under a white duvet, watching a movie and trying not to get that dreamy sauce on the sheets.

Flip through that late night menu and give into the charms of these chicken wings, available midnight til the sun creeps through. You know you want to.

Am I just crazy or do you think these wings deliver? Let me know in the comments!


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