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Bestie Brunch @ Sisters & Co.

Meant to go to Saving Grace, but after passing by it twice and it being so poorly lit and hidden behind a red curtain, we decided to check out something that grabbed our attention a lil bit better.

After watching groups of gal pals and brunch dates leaving Sister & Co. Restaurant we decided to give it a try!

Opened in August of this year, Sisters & Co. is the product of three best friends that are "practically sisters" who banded together to create a place where people could come together with friends and enjoy some great food!

Inside the eatery, there's a cutesy kind of atmosphere with bright white interior and hints of pink.

There's also a striking forest green accent wall that is quite eye-catching, but what I personally found a selling feature was the front window nook, just big enough to seat three. Perfect to sit and people watch!

The menu has classic North American brunch items but with an ethnic twist. Spicy Tomato Oxtail Stew to Citrus Mascarpone Waffles, all of different flavours are married together at Sisters.

Me and my bestie brunch date decided to take advantage of the infusion cuisine and decided on Bulgogi Beef Benedict and Chicken Katsu Club Sandwich.

Though I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy wanted to give their Earl Grey Pancakes a go (I’m all over anything reminiscent of a London Fog), I couldn’t help but take a cue from those around me. I noticed that everyone who ordered this dish was not a fan of the main attraction: the earl grey mascarpone whip atop the flapjack stack.

I didn’t taste it, so I’m just speculating, but that cream looked crunchy—like chewing dried twigs cloaked in a cheesy cream. Maybe an infused mascarpone would work better?

Anyways, Rosie and I both started with some caffeine in the form of a hot and frothy Cappuccino and freshly brewed Coffee. A girl’s gotta have her caffeine fix!

After some time catching up with my bestie, our meals were served. Visually, the dishes didn't not look abundant, but rather a tad on the skimpy side. Once I started eating, I soon realized that maybe portion control isn't such a bad thing after all... just can't say that's my motto for a gal's brunch!

My benny consisted of beef bulgogi with caramelized onions, carrots, scallions served on two english muffin halves with poached eggs and a drizzle of hollandaise. I thought the beef was well executed, seasoned in signature Korean spices and tender.

The hollandaise, on the other hand, had the characteristic tanginess but the sauce was so thin that it pretty much ran off the tops of my slippery, poached eggs. While we’re on the subject of eggs, not super yolky, which was also sort of disappointing.

Rosie’s Katsu Club was a great lunchtime option, but at the end of the day, it’s a sandwich served on white milk bread. Nothing beats a tasty club, and though the perfectly golden fried chicken added an asian twist on a classic, it wasn’t über impressionable.

The accompaniments were a little on the smaller size. Both dishes came with a side salad and a side of home fries. The salad was light and refreshing while the home fries were crispy with a hint of paprika smokiness.

As a whole, it’s a cute place to pop in for a coffee or a bite to eat and just people watch. I know if I'm in the area, I'll probably stop by and try out their Avocado Toast with honey truffle drizzle, because it's just so on brand.

Price-wise, it was decent, under $20 for a sit down brunch is a rare find downtown. Portions weren’t huge and I credit that with why I was able to clean my whole plate without leaving a crumb! That said, the dishes were filling enough but not near the point of belly-busting excess.

Though Sisters & Co seemed more inviting, I have a sneaking suspicion that Saving Grace might have been serving a better brunch from a culinary standpoint… only one way to find out! Anyone interested in brunching with me next weekend?

Where’s your go-to brunch place in Liberty Village?

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