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Black Camel Has Really Good Sandwiches

I’m a big lover of sandwiches. That piece of information probably doesn’t shock anyone who knows me. I’ve been a sandwich girl since the days when my Nonna would pack me prosciutto cotto panini for lunch. That love of sandwiches only intensified when I lived in Florence and was kitty-corner to the best sandwich shop ever to exist (La Fettunta NOT Antico Vinaio). That said, since those days of yore, I’m always on the hunt for a stellar sandwich, even in Toronto. Cue, Black Camel and their really good sandwiches.

A cozy lil spot with a menu that matches, Black Camel is situated in the extremely wealthy neighbourhood of Rosedale. Driving through the mansion-speckled area, I found myself wondering what exactly do people who live here do for work? While my guess would be doctors, lawyers and people with old money, the one thing that gave me solace was knowing that I probably rubbed shoulders with some rich people that day because guess what, everybody loves a tasty sandwich.

Known best for their slow-cooked beef brisket and pulled pork, the sandwich shop also specializes in breakfast sammies. Apparently they scramble eggs using an espresso machine…which is amazing, but I can’t say that I actually fact-checked that. So, if you happen to visit let me know if that’s true.

Ignoring the tried and true classics, I actually went for a few lighter (if you can even call them that) options: the BLT and the Roasted Veg. First off, let me start by saying that this isn’t your average BLT. Black Camel makes a swankier version with crispy pancetta, tangy arugula and layers of roasted tomato, topped with herby pesto mayo. Yes, it was as deliciously fresh as it sounds.

I was also seriously craving vegetables, so that meant a Roasted Veg was also on the docket. I’ll admit, it seemed a bit boring on the menu board, but thankfully that was soooo far from the truth when I came face to face with it. Loaded with heaps of tomato, sweet red pepper, arugula and slices of grilled eggplant, the sandwich was everything I’ve been searching for in a veggie panini. Oh, and a drizzle of pesto mayo didn’t hurt either.

While the space once housed a few tables and chairs, the sandwich shop is more of a grab-and-go operation following the pandemic. But, that really doesn’t matter since there’s a gorgeous park across the street to sit and enjoy your lunch.

Onto cost…For about $10, the quality is impeccable. Each sandwich is made to order, using only the fluffiest Portuguese buns from a nearby bakery. Delivering big time in the flavour department, the sandwiches can be customized anyway you see fit with sauces and toppings to really let you create your ideal sandwich experience.

Open from 11am until 8pm, Black Camel pumps out sandwiches quickly, so be sure to get there at a reasonable time. Or, you can also follow them on Twitter—they keep patrons in the know by tweeting how many sandwiches they’ve got left for the day. Modern, eh?

At this point, you should feel inspired to check out this place. Fresh, tasty, and just plain great, all I can say is that Toronto’s Black Camel has really good sandwiches. Now go and see for yourself!


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Sounds tasty and reasonably priced. Will have to try❤

May 15, 2022
Replying to

Yes, check it out! It’s surprisingly hard to find a great sandwich!!

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