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Checking Out ChungChun's Rice Dog

Hot diggity dog! You won’t mind waiting in line for this one! Though this was a bit of a hike as I was coming from Mississauga, it was definitely worth the trip!

Looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, my friend Rosie and I decided to make the trek after seeing these dazzling dogs grace our Instagram feeds. With a corndog that funky, we just had to check it out!

Located in a rich pocket of asian fusion fare, many patrons were lined up outside of ChungChun’s Rice Dogs to get a taste of these Korean-style hot dogs! Thankfully, the queue moved quite quickly and staff was able to serve everyone efficiently and with a smile.

ChungChun’s offers 11 different rice dogs including a ramen-coated dog, a squid ink-infused cheese dog, a spicy volcano dog and several other meat and cheese variations, each with unique recommended sauce pairings. But whatever you get, a light sprinkle of sugar is said to always enhance the flavour of the rice dog!

We ordered:

Cheddar Cheese Hot Dog

  • Hot dog wrapped in velvety cheddar cheese with a chewy coating and crunchy fried potatoes

  • Popping a Lactaid, I was ready to devour into this wild looking beast of a rice dog. So big that it barely fit in my mouth, a rush of different flavours and textures put this corndog over the edge for me! The crispy crack of fried potatoes gave way to a meaty centre that was oozing with velvety cheese.

Mozzarella Cheese Hot Dog

  • Mozzarella stick with a gorgeous crispy breading and fried potato cubes

  • No joke, the cheese pull game was unreal. If you’re a mozz lover then this is the rice dog for you! Like a fully-loaded mozzarella stick, its perfectly crisp coating protects a flavourful and gluttonously doughy inside and ooey, gooey cheese centre!

Added to our wieners and cheese stick, we opted for a dusting of sugar along with honey mustard sauce and sweet and spicy mayo, respectively!

Overall, these rice dogs are a great bang for your buck. Starting at 3.99, plus 1.99 for potatoes, the price is v much cost effective. But that doesn’t mean this is just a cheap, greasy fix. No, this rice dog is a whole meal. After finishing off my mini meal-on-a-stick, I was quite full and stayed that way for several hours after.

These rice dogs won’t leave you feeling sluggish and heavy after indulging either. Unlike a frozen pogo or⁠—worse yet⁠—a carnival corndog, these rice dogs aren’t greasy. Instead of leaving you queasy with each bite you take, ChungChun’s varieties are light as air despite the less than decadent fillings inside!

I’m not sure about you guys, but I know that the breading is by far one of the most important elements of a good corndog. Thankfully, this place truly delivers on that. Thank their doughy coating for that! Made of a fermented sticky rice, these Korean-style dogs are much crispier than their North American companions!

I’m v curious to sample the OG and the ramen-coated rice dog on my next trip into North York! I am seriously craving a #ChungChunRiceDog as I type this! What can I say? This food blogger has gone on far too long without visiting any funky foodie finds, but I’m lucky in locating such a great spot fresh out of quarantine!

. . .

Have you been to ChungChun’s Rice Dogs? What’s your favourite dog?


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