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Dining @ Mildred's Temple Kitchen

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Brunch has literally become the only important meal for me since summer began. Though this is the fourth weekend in a row that I’ve gone out for brunch, it’s also only been the first weekend that I have been left completely satisfied. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen was on today’s brunch roster and I’m actually pleased to say, it didn’t disappoint!

Unlike other recommendations from friends or the Instagram foodie community, Mildred’s was a solid 8/10!

Food was delish and reasonably priced, plus they serve up pretty satisfying portions. The only downside was the hefty wait time due to their reservation-free policy on weekends.

Luckily, Mildred’s is located in a trendy little nook (which is just a short walk from the Exhibition Go Station), so there were ample shops to pop into as we waited for a table.

Also, because it has been such a scorcher this summer, they had a little treat station for customers and dog-walking neighbours alike. A little table with a cute chalkboard sign invited passersby to cool down with ice-cold water, sliced melon and even vegan dog treats! Super considerate, right?!

After killing some time venturing around Liberty Village, I finally received a text from Mildred's that our table was ready and it's a good thing since the heat was starting to make me hangry! And no one likes a hangry Sylvia :(

Not at all what I expected, the decor inside was fresh and modern with vibrant pops of green and white. Far from the tiny and quaint restaurant I had envisioned, Mildred’s is actually kinda bougie.

From granola parfaits to avocado toast and of course, their famous Mrs. B’s pancakes, Mildred’s isn’t your Nanna’s breakfast spot, evident as it teemed with twentysomethings and young millennial families.

As we were being escorted to our table, I prayed we’d be seated somewhere near the open kitchen and my prayers were answered - don’t ask me why I find it so fascinating watching food fly out of the kitchen. Seated, we were greeted by our friendly waitress who was super friendly and accommodating, which made our first time experience all the more special.

Spending some time with the menu, I decided that all the hype surrounding their signature item, Mrs. Biederhof’s Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, was probably the way to go. But, not without some protein in the form of Rosemary Bacon.

My cousin and date for the day, Alessia, decided on their daily special which was an avocado toast layered with pickled veg and a flaky white fish, served with a crisp green salad and rosemary potatoes.

Diving in, we both came to the consensus that Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is honestly #worththehype. There is a reason why there is a serious wait time. It’s real-deal brunch fare. Fresh and light or stick-to-your-ribs comfort, Mildred’s means business.

Luscious whipped cream and velvety blueberry sauce dripping down a tall stack of pancakes sent my salivary glands into overdrive as I was faced with what I had ordered. Truly a breathtaking sight.

Digging in, my pancakes were super fluffy and moist to the point of cakey. Though I tried my best, I only managed to conquer one out of three stacked flapjacks!

As for the rosemary bacon, one word: incredible.

It’s amazing how the addition of finely chopped fresh rosemary can be such a total game-changer. It’s the only way I’ll be eating bacon from now on!

Alessia’s main was just as tasty. A lighter option, the avo toast definitely didn’t lack flavour or personality. Charred artisan bread, delicately poached fish and vegetables pickled to perfection, this avocado toast was a total home run!

When the bill came, I’m happy to say, it wasn’t a heart-stopping ordeal. Our mains were reasonably priced and the fact that I left with a doggy-back of my leftovers also made me feel like this was money well spent.

Bottom-line: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is a conveniently located, reasonably priced, and deliciously satisfying locale to enjoy a summery brunch. I’ll definitely be returning… maybe next time to sample dinner. Duck & Waffles, anyone?

❤ ❤ ❤


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