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Eat your Greens: Planta Burger

Planta Burger was the first stop on our #FoodPassportTO adventure and I’m happy to say that it started things on a high note!

Though the space is small, it definitely doesn’t lack personality. The neon purple PLANTS, PLANTS, PLANTS sign immediately captured my eye. But if that weren’t enough, there's leafy wallpaper and hanging troughs of plants decorated around the space.

Packed with probably about ten other customers, business was booming when we stopped in. Not to mention, all the Foodora and Uber Eats guys popping in to pick up orders for customers not on premise!

For those of you unfamiliar, the #FoodPassportTO was created by TO's Finest as a way to affordably explore the Toronto food scene. With an official passport giving you access to one $5 deal at fifteen participating locations, you can find some really cool and diverse food options!

As a sort of Christmas present while Chris was in town, I decided to get us both passports as a way to maintain a more budget-friendly week together. Though we did score some major deals, we unfortunately didn’t just dine off the passports, so it didn’t turn out to be as much of a frugal weekend as I had anticipated. Whoops!

For our #FoodPassportTO finds, we ordered two vegan burgers: the Californian and the Classic. Excited to taste a Planta burger after falling for the fare off of Planta’s dine-in menu, we weren’t waiting long before our burgers were ready to be devoured!

The Californian Burger was absolutely satisfying. Super messy, but aren’t all good burgers messy? With a lentil and mushroom patty, this burger was earthy but somehow still felt meaty despite its plant based composition. I also loved that it was loaded with toppings like a fresh and creamy guacamole, rich queso, shredded lettuce and their signature PB sauce.

We also sampled the Classic Burger. It was good, but both Chris and I weren’t as impressed with this burger. Because it was relatively plain, it had us comparing with a traditional non-vegan classic burger. And let's face it, you can’t compare the two because as a non-vegan, the traditional meat option will almost always win. That said, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles did give the effect of the beloved classic.

Overall, at $5 a burger, and a vegan burger at that, this was a pretty fab deal. I should note that the burger is usually sold for $10.50 plus tax, but is also served with a side of fries. Though we didn’t get any sides with our #FoodPassportTO steal, I still feel like it was a pretty solid deal.

I will definitely be hitting up Planta burger the next time I’m looking for a healthier, plant-based fast food option. Also, I’m kind of curious to grab a vegan milkshake next time with my burger too! They’re made with oat milk and oat ice cream, which is a super delish, creamy, non-dairy substitute.

Guess that's the magic of the passport, it gets you trying out places you might not have given a chance before. It also leaves you wanting to experience more from these local restaurants!

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