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Harry’s Charbroiled

Do you know what I love? I’ll give you a hint, I’ve got a tattoo of it on my body. If you’re still scratching your head, I won’t keep you guessing. I love burgers. But it seems like an incredibly hard feat to find a good one, or so I thought until I stopped by Harry’s Charbroiled.

On a mission to find the best burger spot (and one with seating) to celebrate Father’s Day with my equally-obsessed burger-loving dad, I took to Toronto’s many food blogs and even my own Instagram following and the consensus was that Harry’s Charbroiled was a top contender among the masses. Given that I always need to test a theory, that was the pick for our big burger bonanza.

Serving up smash burgers and thick-cut fries, Harry’s was once situated in Parkdale, occupying a quirky diner space for over 50 years. But that was before its revival as a pop-up in Little Italy. In fact, Harry’s is actually right next to Bar Raval, which sounds sort of like the ideal Friday night lineup—sip some natty wines and then binge on burgers? Literal paradise.

In addition to their picnic-bench clad patio, owner Grant van Gameren also unveiled a food truck that’s been travelling around the city and beyond to spots like Prince Edward County. You can even book the truck and have Harry’s on demand for your next bash!

Plus, with all the burger options (classic and gourmand), it’s no surprise that even vegans can be indulged. All veggie-lovers should be happy to know that Harry’s also slings Beyond Meat patties topped with melty vegan cheese—this is indeed a burger place for everyone.

With a motto like always flippin’, never slippin’, you can be sure that the grub is good. I mean, they say so themselves.

Here’s what we ordered:

Green Burger

This was one of the more creative burgers on the menu, starting with the fact that it was made with a pork-based green chorizo patty. Fatty, spicy and meaty, a melty slice of havarti along with pickled onions and a tomatillo relish really enhanced the flavours of the chorizo. Big yum!

Classic Jane

They wouldn’t call them classics if they weren’t. This Classic Jane has all the makings of a great burger—a juicy beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and a squirt of Harry's Sauce. It’s the ideal burger and it’s absolutely delicious. But what makes it all the better is the gorgeous fluffy bun that sandwiches it all together, it’s not too big or too hard to eat, it simply compliments the burger and all its fixings.

Red and Green Burger

Another gourmet burger, this is a mash-up between the red and green chorizo burgers. It’s topped with havarti Cheese, pickled red onion, tomatillo relish, charred pineapple, and a zesty jalapeño mayo. It was big and bursting with flavour, but also incredibly balanced. I might have needed help finishing off this bad boy!

Chocolate Shake

Although I’d love to be that girl whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, I’m not a super fan of this dairy drink. I will, however, say that this was a pretty delicious shake. Like melted ice cream, this wasn’t too thick, so you could actually drink it through a straw while enjoying your burger. They’ve also got vanilla, strawberry and malt varieties if that’s your thing!

Chunky Fries

They’re thick, crispy, and—unsurprisingly, addictive. Unlike some fast food fries, these are hearty and you can actually tell you’re eating potatoes. I’d also like to mention that the Heinz ketchup provided was not in those annoying little packages that make a mess, but rather in dipping sauce packages, which made the fry experience all the better.

Overall, I did love all the burgers we tried and thought that the Red and Green Burgers were quite unique. But, it was the Classic Jane that really sealed the deal for me. If you’re looking for a good burger that stays true to what a burger should be, then this is the place for you. It doesn’t mess with a good thing. Bun to patty (and topping) ratio was perfect and the flavours were on point. Of course, I think the other offerings (chorizo, fish, chicken burgers, etc.) also deserve recognition because they are just as tasty, but I need to stress that this is the place to go for a classic all-American burger!

Pricing is fair, service was efficient (our buzzer went off super quick), and the space feels quite nostalgic with a backyard bbq sort of vibe. Check out Harry’s Charbroiled and let me know what you think!

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