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Marked: A Foodie for Life

Updated: May 13, 2023

Burgers, chairs, spoons...what will a foodie get tattooed on her next?

My parents are always fairly disappointed when I come home with some new ink. Taking advantage of the fact that I’m halfway across the globe, I decided not to divulge my plans with my parents except for sharing a very cryptic picture of tattoo equipment on Instagram. While my mom initially thought that meant I had taken up calligraphy, my dad was quick to point out that I might just be at a tattoo parlour.

Surprise, surprise, I was in fact at a tattoo shop in Milan when my parents came to. Loving the element of distance in that moment, I decided to let them stew a bit and play a bit of a guessing game on my socials to figure out what exactly I had added to my body.

Naturally, most of my Instagram followers, family and friends know me too well and only proposed food items for the potential tattoo that I dreamed up. Some fun suggestions that I might have to store for a rainy day include a cheesy pizza slice, saucy meatball, glistening bottle of Barolo, sprinkle donut, half-eaten muffin and, naturally, a honey pot for Little Miss Honey & Truffles!

While the guessing game did help pass the time at the tattoo parlour, I was finally ready to reveal that I had chosen to ink a cheeseburger on my arm. Hyper-realistic, my tattoo artist was a dream and you can check out the rest of his amazing pieces here.

While I thought the process would be relatively short, maybe three hours tops, it took nearly six hours for all the detail to be added to be cheeseburger. The outline, the shading, the details, the highlights...though I would have settled for a simple doodle, this realistic burger is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Completely true to life, small in size and packed with an immense level of detail, I'm now walking around with an actual masterpiece on my body!

From the tiny flecks of sesame seeds on the bun, the crinkle of lettuce, the glistening tomato wedges, the fatty meat patty and the melting cheddar's simply incredible and I could not be happier.

You might ask, why a cheeseburger? Well, to that I answer, why not? A bit because I love a good ole burger, a bit because I’m missing home, and a bit because it’s just ultra cool! How many people have you seen walking down the street with a picture of a cheeseburger plastered on their arm? My guess is not many.

A unique tattoo for a unique gal. I'm loving my new ink and can’t wait until it’s fully healed so I can show it off in all its glory...and also because a healed tattoo means I can soak up the sun and take a much deserved dip in the sea. Let the vacay begin!

While my parents hope it’ll be the last, I’m fairly certain it probably won’t be. But, I’ll give them some time to catch their breath before the next inking!

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1 Comment

He did do a really great job! It’s not what I thought she would go for and….I‘m afraid to suggest what I thought she would go for because,well, it might just be the next ink!

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