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Newsflash, It’s Veganuary!

Updated: May 13, 2023

It’s that time of year when I make outlandish resolutions in an effort to “be the best me” possible for the new year. While this is usually a valiant but quickly forgotten feat, this year I have the support of my fabulous Italian classmate and friend, Giorgia with whom I have pledged to partake in #Veganuary.

What is Veganuary? Essentially, this is a challenge where for the month of January, you eat entirely vegan. That means only plant-based foods, so no animal products or byproducts. Beginning in 2014 in England, the founders of Veganuary wanted to inspire veganism by creating a challenge where people would pledge to eat vegan for a month. This in turn has inspired many to continue on in the path of veganism after realizing that eating plant-based isn't so scary or difficult after all.

Though the benefits of veganism can span into animal welfare, issues of sustainability and even improved health, I think this challenge will help me get back on track with eating more fruits and vegetables. And that's something that I'm super pumped up for!

With all the amazing resources online on Pinterest and Instagram, I'm sure that I wouldn't be lacking inspiration for any meals or snacks. I'm sure I'll be making some lazy bean salads but I'm hoping to do lots of prep in these next few days for times when I'm not feeling like slaving away in the kitchen!

While I’ve tried stints of vegetarianism and at one point veganism in the past, living in Italy while doing this challenge is a bit trickier.

In fact, today I went shopping for a haul of plant-based ingredients and let me tell you, living in a relatively rural town in Italy means that vegan alternatives are something you won’t find at your local supermercato. While back in Mississauga, I could find vegan mayo, yogurt, cheeses and Beyond Meat burgers incredibly easily, I now have to place an online order for vegan products in Italy...Plus, gone are the days of vegan takeout!

That said, my determination won’t waver! I’m excited to challenge myself in the kitchen and develop some new recipes. Though it will take some extra time and creativity, I can’t wait to see how the month unfolds. I encourage you to follow along here on the blog and on Instagram for plant-based recipes and updates!

. . .

What are your new year’s resolutions? Are you taking part in #Veganuary also?


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Jan 04, 2021

@Maria Checchia so far we’ve been eating quite colourfully! 😂✨


Maria Checchia
Maria Checchia
Jan 03, 2021

I’m excited to hear and see what you come up with! Challenging as it may be, you will surely invent/create some exciting dishes! Giorgia may be able to offer up some useful suggestions! 😉

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