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On the Juice @ Verde Juice Bar

Scanning Instagram for Winnipeg foodie finds, I came across this juicery in what my boyfriend Chris likes to call “Winnipeg’s Granola Belt”, a.k.a where all the on-trend vegan, hipster eateries and craft stores can be found.

On our way to visit his sweet one-year-old niece, we popped into Verde Juice Bar for an infusion of health. After being trapped indoors and forced to binge Parks and Rec and eat chips thanks to cold weather, we needed some juice, like ASAP.

Opened in 2016, #VerdeJuiceBar is primarily a juice bar, but they also serve up a healthy number of concentrated juice shots, chia infused smoothies and hemp heart laced cocktails, should your gut desire it. They also run a little kitchen, offering healthful #vegfriendly fare like soups, salads and bowls.

And most recently, Verde Juice Bar juices can also be found at local markets like De Luca’s, Black Market Provisions, and even WPG’s Nordic spa, Thermea.

But back to what you're here for: juice. Verde Juice Bar offers customers raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed juices that contain only the good stuff—real vegetables and fruits. This is why they only last so long and why if you leave your juice in the fridge overnight like I did, particles might settle at the bottom creating a weird little clear plasma of cuke juice and sandy watermelon sediment at the bottom. But, just #shakeitlikeapolaroidpicture and you’ll be golden.

When we walked into the juice bar, the vibe of the space was relaxed with ample hanging ivy and a wall decorated by the works of local three and five year-old artists. V cute. Staff was also very friendly and quick to hand me a menu once I couldn’t find any traceable drink list on the nearby walls.

Scrolling through the beverages, juices weren’t cheap. They never are, but I couldn’t help wondering how a juicery located in a far from ritzy part of town could sustain itself.

Who exactly is buying a $10 juice on the regular? Then again, we are in the so-called granola belt so I guess there must be demand.

There are some budget friendly options if you aren’t a hipster with wads of money somehow strewing from your pockets. For example, Chris and I were lucky. When we popped in, they had a 2-for-1 deal. Now, perhaps it’s a Thursday deal or perhaps it’s just a day-is-ending-quick-sell-all-the-juices deal. Regardless, I was more than happy to snatch up two juices for $9.

We both decided on the Happy Land Juice, a 300 mL bottle of pink juice pressed from watermelons, cucumbers, lime and a splash of mint.

Despite what I had seen on Verde’s Instagram, I thought the juices would be fresh pressed in front of our eyes. I can’t say I was thrilled when a staff grabbed two chilled bottles from the fridge behind her. Hmm, not fresh-squeezed. I guess it’s better than waiting in line while she shoves dozens of chunks of watermelon into a juicer, but it sort of felt like some magic was missing.

In another sense, I suppose this is also a more eco-friendly option, reducing the plastic cup and straw and swapping a reusable glass vessel instead. And I don’t know about you, but I do love reusing a cute glass bottles for creating my own cocktail creations or housing homemade salad dressings.

I digress...

First sip, the juice tasted like juice. Raw, natural juice.

No room for Allen’s fruit juice or Kool Aid Jammers here, just invigorating, thirst-quenching freshness. Just a hint of sweet watermelon and a tidal wave of juicy cucumber, while a splash of mint and lime turned this juice into a tiny tropical getaway.

Overall, I enjoyed the tasting what #VerdeJuiceBar had to offer.

I also respect that they are a local business and I love that if you’re craving a juice and you’re not in the #Wolseley area, you can grab a bottle at a local vendor in your neighbourhood!

Considering the less-than budget-friendly price tag, I probably won’t make a stop at Verde part of my daily routine. Time for me to crack out the old juicer, maybe? Or I just treat myself like I do with a weekly trip to Starbucks. After all, a trip for fresh juice is a better health move for me in the long run, even if I could get a Decaf Grande Caramel Macchiato with Almond Milk for the same price. Apples and oranges, I guess. Squeeze that into a new juice, Verde!

Have you tried Verde Juice Bar? Let me know in the comments below!


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