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Oretta, Only an Hour or So to Change Your Life

Wow. That's the word. Wow.

Brunch in the city can sometimes be expensive. It can also leave you feeling like you just paid big bucks for something you could have made better yourself... from the comfort of your own kitchen... with a pair of worn in slippers and ratty pjs.

That’s sometimes what I feel like, anyway; except that was far from true while dining at Oretta.

Entranced by customers enjoying their brunch the day prior, Chris and I decided to give Oretta a shot for a nice brunch out together. It also helped that I had read about #Oretta on blogTO and some other sources a while back.

Inside, the decor is fun and vibrant with bright pops of pinks and blues. Funky gold lighting fixtures hang above you, while yellow and indigo statement furniture accent the tall-white walled ceilings around you.

Oretta, which loosely translates in Italian to “about an hour or so,” is the time frame I’d give before you feel yourself falling head-over-heels for this restaurant. Yes, it's that good.

It straight-up, did not disappoint. I had to spend some solid quiet-time with the menu just to pick out an entrée… there were too many enticing options from brunch fare to pizzas and pasta, I wanted to try everything! Unfortunately, my stomach is only so big, but man are my eyes ever bigger.

I finally decided on having the set brunch menu which included a Mimosa, choice of entrée (limited to anything listed on their menu—pizza, pasta, burgers, eggs, salad...whatever) and choice of filled bombolone (nutella, pistacchio, cream or limone). Chris instead mulled over the options on their à la carte menu option.

Let’s talk drinks. My Mimosa was the ideal balance of fruity and boozy. Yes, it was clear that there was fresh orange juice in my cocktail, but it also packed a punch of Prosecco. Let’s face it, brunch is more fun with a mimosa made to perfection!

Chris opted for something a lil less dizzying, choosing from their daily juice selection. This Sunday their juice happened to be a tropical passion fruit juice served with a little orange garnish that channelled major vacation vibes. Dominican, take me back.

As for mains, I decided on the Uova Burrata e Tartufo and Chris chose the Fritelle.

As usual, though we order separately, it always becomes a sort of sharing party. I can't keep my fork to my own plate and I won't let Chris not try some of whatever I ordered.

Though I watched as hearty burgers, decadent pizzas and comforting pastas came whirling out of the kitchen, I was satisfied in what we ordered and once I started eating it became clear that we might just have ordered some of the best things on the brunch menu! Between Oretta’s luscious and syrupy pancake rendition and creamy, truffled scrambled eggs, I thought I had died and gone to paradise.

My eggs were a vibrant yellow that matched the morning sunrise and were fluffy like clouds. The burrata bled milky goodness and made my eggs all the more rich and shaved truffle, well, that just makes everything better. My main was also served with rosemary focaccia triangles to sop up at the luscious goodness. I’m sorry, gut, but I just gotta have my burrata!

As for Chris’s frittelle, they were presented like pancakes but had the texture of an olive oil semolina cake. Just a little bit gritty but unbelievably moist; they were topped with maple syrup, macerated berries and a mascarpone whipped cream. Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Though when our waitress first brought us our plates I was worried about the portion size, there was more than enough food to sustain us. Plus, because of the richness of our dishes, any more food and then it would have been overkill.

As for the cream-filled, sugar-dusted Italian donut, that was just as delightful! Not at all greasy, the bombolone was sweet with velvety vanilla filling and a pillowy exterior! A fabulous final bite to end our brunch!

When it comes to prices, the meal was well within reason. For a brunch of that quality, I was more than happy at the total cost. I mean, $30 for a set-brunch is a steal of a deal and their à la carte menu is also great if you’re on a tighter budget.

I’ll definitely be returning for a nice girls brunch or family lunch. Also, I’m dying to come back to check out their dinner menu!

Have you dined at Oretta? What did you think?

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1 Comment

Maria Checchia
Maria Checchia
Oct 12, 2019

Pretty sounds like my kind of place. Ambiance is half the battle for me. If I feel good at an establishment, my dining experience will be a better one for sure! Everything ord sounds delicious and the set brunch price offers just what I would love to try! Can’t wait to go!

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