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Testing Pancake Cereal

Updated: May 13, 2023

Pancakes and cereal. Two very traditional breakfast staples. Fuse the two together and you’ve got a pretty interesting breakfast dish, right?

Long story short, no. Well, maybe. Actually, yes?

Pancake cereal is exactly what it sounds like. Tiny 1/2” pancakes loaded into a bowl filled with milk and just the slightest drizzle of maple goodness to mimic that sweet and syrupy flapjack breakfast.

Though that may generate mixed reactions, the dish itself is pretty tasty. For me, it truly did combine two of my favourite childhood meals. Plus, I’ve been known to make myself a bowl of milk and cookies—I was a chunky kid after all, so this wasn’t that out of the box for me.

Aesthetically, this dish is super duper adorable! These pancakes are so small that they look like they could be seen on Barbie’s breakfast table! It’s also so satisfying to see these morsels in a big bowl with all the fixings of a traditional pancake stack!

The one major drawback is the time it takes to create pancake cereal. Super time-consuming! When I made these bite-size pancakes, I only made enough to fill up one cereal bowl and it took at least half an hour to do that. So if you want to make this dish for a group, plan ahead accordingly and have multiple people manning multiple griddles and pans!

Another thing that I wasn’t crazy about was the fact that pancake cereal does get quite old, quite fast. Because the pancakes are so small, it takes significantly more of them to fill a bowl, which means more pancakes (and calories!) eaten. After several spoonfuls I started to feel my pants get just a lil snugger as a major sugar rush began to set in!

Since making pancake cereal, I’ve seen the trend of tiny breakfast foods involve cookie cereal, pop tart cereal… you name it really! I’ve even seen bloggers starting to create teeny tiny ice cream sammies and macarons.

I, for one, am totally here for the tiny food trend! I’ve been obsessed with miniature foodstuffs since Tastemade introduced Tiny Tuesdays. Anyone who knows me can attest to this. I have also been known to try my hand at creating tiny foods. Once I tried to make itty bitty mozzarella sticks with my friend Rosie and while that was a complete disaster that saw all the cheese escape from it’s crispy coating leaving zero cheese pull, my tiny creations haven’t been all bad.

Recently, I decided to make non-dairy ice cream sammies using one of my favourite cashew based ice creams and some leftover nilla wafers. The beauty in creating bite size foods is that they are a perfect lil snack, especially for sugary treats and desserts. I tend not to have a super sweet tooth but on occasion I like to have just a taste of something sweet after dinner. A mini ice cream sammie solves that hankering with ease!

Overall, I think this is a fun kitchen creation to try on a lazy Sunday. Since quarantine, people have had a lot more time on their hands so the tedious work of making tiny gourmet cereal bits makes sense. It has been a great way to kill time, but realistically, it’s just too time-consuming when you consider the meager yield. Likewise, while pancake cereal is tasty, unless you are a seven-year-old who lives off a diet of Mountain Dew and Trix, it’s probably going to be a lil too sweet to finish off an entire bowl!

. . .

Have you made pancake cereal or another tiny food? Would you do it again?


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