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Product Review: Melinda’s Craft Pepper Sauces

More than a vinegar and chili pepper sauce, Melinda’s Craft Pepper Sauces put a focus on only the best produce and culinary methods. That’s why every bottle of sauce is skillfully crafted, each with a unique set of flavours and spice factor. Ranging from mild all the way to melt-your mouth hot, I recently got to experience the delicious offerings of Melinda’s.

Promising to set your mouth on flavour, Melinda’s is a Latinx and Hispanic owned business with a focus on quality. After being gifted a variety pack from the brand, I was curious to see if they delivered on all of their claims. While all of Melinda’s Craft Pepper Sauces can be used as a wing sauce, dipping sauce or condiment to top your favourite fare, here’s what I was able to sample and how I used the sauces:

(Note: * = flame indicator)

Thai Sweet Chili **

Everyone loves a good sweet and savoury moment—there’s no denying it. Used as a dipping sauce for lumpia, I could devour the whole bottle easily! You can also use it to glaze grille chicken thighs or to jazz up a shrimp burger.

Mexicana **

Subtle heat of cayenne and habanero peppers, but still quite fresh. Perfect to top tacos, spicy margaritas and mango pops for a fiery flare.

Fire Roasted Garlic & Habanero ****

This is hot, although the Ghost Pepper is even hotter! While I could only have this in small doses because I am not a super spice fiend, it did have really delicious garlic and red pepper flavours but the Habaneros mean serious business in this sauce. It is great for Tex-Mex fare like burrito bowls, loaded Mexican fries and quesadillas if you want a punch of power.

Louisiana Red Cayenne *

This is my kind of hot sauce. It’s got a mild peppery kick from red hot peppers and a zestiness from the vinegar. Use it to spice up anything from jambalaya to your fried eggs at breakfast!

Spicy Garlic Parmesan **

Crafted with garlic, parmesan, herbs and a touch of Habanero, this hot sauce has an Italian twist that makes it ideal to mix inside pasta sauce, risotto, sandwiches and even added to salad dressings.

Green Sauce *

Made with a blend of jalapeños, green tomatoes, spinach, cilantro, lime and garlic, this is a subtle way to introduce a bit of heat into a dish. I love using it on tacos to add a bit of depth while still maintaining freshness. It’s also great to add into a bowl of homemade pho.

Creamy Style Ghost Pepper *****

Approved by firing breathing dragons, this sauce combines ghost, Cayenne and Habanero peppers to create a super spicy sauce that’s for the true spice lover…this killed me LOL! But, if you’re up for it, it does have amazing flavours that would be great to coat wings.

Black Truffle **

I’m a sucker for truffle and this hot sauce adds just enough kick that I can safely feed my truffle addiction. Created with black truffles, cayenne peppers and a splash of Colombian honey (did someone say Honey & Truffles?!), this sauce is my new go-to. I’ve been using it literally on everything—panini, pasta, grilled corn, marinades…the options are endless if you want to add a touch of earthy elegance to a dish!

In addition to the range of hot sauces (there are countless more listed online!), Melinda’s also makes spicy ketchups and mustards, jalapeño-laced fruit preserves, zesty pizza sauce, fiery steak sauces and tangy BBQ sauces. If these pique your interest, I definitely recommend giving them a try.

There really is a hot sauce for everyone, even if you can’t bear crazy amounts of heat, which is why I think this brand is so great. Melinda’s is super versatile in their flavour combinations and level of heat. Each variety is so different from the next, but also so exciting. I mean, come on, who else is making black truffle hot sauce alongside sweet chili and doing both amazingly?!

Also, I’ve seen these sauces at taco joints and restaurants all around the city (I’m sure I’ve unknowingly sampled them before), so you have clarity knowing that Melinda’s does have a fan following. You too, could be part of that following—just look for them at retailers like Longo’s, Rabba, Loblaw’s, Amazon or even on Melinda’s website. Which pepper sauce will you try first?

Final Verdict: RECOMMENDED

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They are all great sauces ; I really liked the truffle and the green sauce. They can be spread on a sandwich or mixed into a meal of pasta or chicken, or just about anything. 👏

Jun 27, 2022
Replying to

Definitely two of my favs also 😍😍

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