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Product Review: Mother Raw

Mamma, mia? No. Mother Raw, actually. Just like most trendy things in food, Mother Raw is a brand that’s taking advantage of the call towards plant-based eating and satisfying a market of hungry and healthful consumers. To put their array of goodies to the test, I had the pleasure of sampling some unique (and new!) products from Mother Raw.

I will say that I have actually tried this brand before and have had some mixed experiences. I loved the Original Queso and used it in just about every Tex-Mex dish that I could think of. Inspired to try more of their line, when I saw they made a Spinach Dip, I knew I had to buy it. Sadly, it took about one dunking of pumpernickel for me to say nay. Maybe that’s just me, but I wasn’t loving the acidic flavours in the dip at all. That said, when I was sent a box of Mother Raw goodies I was more than happy to see if my opinions would sway further to one side or the other.

With a facility based in Toronto, founder Michelle Kopman began the journey of creating Mother Raw in 2010 after being frustrated at the lack of healthy dressings to top otherwise healthy salads. Currently, retailers across North America have embraced the motto of “Put Good on Good” by carrying a selection of salad dressings, marinades, dips and condiments.

Promising to solve dietary dilemmas for those following vegan and allergen-restrictive diets, or anyone else who’d like to eat raw, Mother Raw is totally organic and plant-based. Plus, all products are also dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, canola-free and GMO-free!

With a focus on transparency for all things good, raw and real, the brand is constantly experimenting with new products like queso and aioli. Inspired by the cheesy Mexican dip, Mother Raw instead offers a cold-blended alternative that’s easy to add into anything. Their line of aioli on the other hand is a creamy take on a seasoned mayonnaise.

What I sampled:

Garlic Aioli

A spin on the classic aioli, this dip is ultra garlicky—vampires beware! Perfect for dunking fries spread on sandwiches or even added to a punchy potato salad, this was one of my favourite dips that I sampled from Mother Raw.

Chipotle Aioli

Smoky southwest flavours characterize this aioli. Interestingly, this dip seemed a bit thicker than the others, but was still pretty good—not as good as the Garlic or Sriracha though. However, it did work quite well when thinned out a bit to top grilled veggies.

Sriracha Aioli

Still bringing the garlic flavour with a sweet and spicy zest, this works great inside a pressed panini or burger bun, but it can also take your egg salad sandwich recipe up a notch.

Original Queso

Creamy, cheesy goodness, this OG blend is amazing. Warm it up to give it that extra queso feel for dipping in with tortilla chips. Ready-to-use, I’ve also stirred this into mac and cheese for a fabulous gooey dish, but you could even add it to a homemade 7-layer-dip.

Spicy Queso

A zesty zinger of a queso, Lizzo actually made Brussels sprout nachos with this aioli. With pops of peppery habanero, I think just a dollop could be tasty inside a broccoli and cheese soup, but this was a touch too spicy for my liking!

Nacho Queso

A new addition to the line, this aioli had subtle hints of jalapeño, along with tomato and red bell pepper. I’ve been adding it to loaded Mexican fries and slathering it inside cauliflower tacos—very tasty.

Praised by Forbes and a bunch of other media outlets, Mother Raw is a great brand to check out if you’re vegan or trying to live a more plant-based lifestyle. Given that I’m lactose intolerant, the queso are particularly a godsend. But even if you don’t have any diet restrictions, these dips and spreads are tasty just the same.

You can find Mother Raw products in the refrigerated section at Sobeys, Longo’s, Metro, and Whole Foods along with select organic grocery stores. If all else fails, find a range of goodies on Mother Raw’s website.

Final Verdict: RECOMMENDED (for garlic aioli and quesos)


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