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Shopping @ Black Market Provisions

Fresh sourdough, frozen broths and fun foodie knickknacks are just some of the many things you can find at Black Market Provisions!

After stopping for a morning cappuccino at Little Sister Coffee Maker on Osborne, we popped into this funky little shop across the street that’s oozing with personality.

Created by the owners of Pop Cart, Black Market Provision was born out of seeing their frozen treat passion project blossom. Building good relationships with local market vendors, the #PopCartGirls decided to turn their side hustle into a full-time job! Inspiring, right?

Walking inside, the space isn’t super huge, but man there sure is a lot going on! Fridges stocked with soups, stocks, and other homemade staples line themselves against more freezers with ice cream tubs and popsicle bars!

But don’t get it twisted; it’s not all frozen fare. There are also LOTS of ready-to-eat treats, too! Muffins, cookies, scones, breads....your options are plenty!

After mulling over my options, I decided that the giant Halloween-sprinkled sugar cookie was just too tempting to pass up. Buttery beyond belief and loaded with fun and festive sprinkles.

I honestly wish we could have picked up some soups or ice cream, but with me leaving Winnipeg soon, it wasn’t in the cards. These pantry staples will definitely be on my shopping list the next trip, though!

I did however buy an adorable pierogi pin to add to the collection forming on my denim jacket. Happyland, a company that makes prints, pins and patches inspired by “weird Winnipeg”!

I almost picked up their pickle jar pin, but set it down, remembering that that pin is already nestled comfortably between a pink canary and a peach! So, I went for the pierogi instead. My Ukrainian bf was proud and I, being a fraction Polish, also found it terribly endearing!

Anyways, seeing a pierogi pin oddly got me wondering if it’s time to embrace more of that polski culture. Maybe homemade pierogi will be in the cards soon? Stay tuned!

Something I should mention about #BlackMarketProvisions is that a good portion—if not all—of their items are locally-sourced or Canadian-produced. This is super exciting because I love contributing to local businesses! Plus, it's really moving to see such unique products that are created by Canadians. There’s lots that Canucks have to offer!

Case in point, scanning the shelves of goods that line the shop walls, there were soooo many Canadian products from mustard to salt and jam to spice blends! Really cool seeing various provinces being represented through an array of products.

After Chris found the hot sauce section, we knew we had to pick up some Heart Beat Hot Sauce. A Thunder Bay product, we became #HeartBeatHotSauceFiends after finding a bottle of Blackberry Habanero sauce at a Pusateri’s in Toronto. Since then, we've picked up the Red Habanero and Jalapeño at Winners and have been on the hunt for their newest flavour, Pineapple Habanero. Alas, we find it in Winnipeg.... Go figure!

Spicy with a sweet kick, I have to say I’m really loving fruity hot sauces. The delicate balance between these contrasting flavours is spot on and I love putting them on just about anything I’m eating!

So, there you have it. A successful haul and another Winnipeg gem discovered. Can't wait to buy some more great products next visit to WPG!

Have you visited Black Market Provisions? What should I pick up on my next haul?

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