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Strawberry Sorbet

I went strawberry picking today and naturally, I’m on a strawberry high now! Have I found my calling? Why are these strawberries so flavourful? When can I go pick more berries? How can I best showcase these sweet little morsels for my friends and fam? These were the questions floating around in my mind after returning home from a boozy strawberry and cheese picnic!

Settling my racing mind, I decided I was gonna do a few things. First, freeze some berries to easily pop into a cocktail or muddle for a strawberry mojito or margarita. Next, I definitely had to make some jam, even if just one jar because there is no better way to capture the flavours and memories of today’s day than with a jar of jam!

While a strawberry pie, strawberry relish and much more ran across my mind, I opted to make a treat that would keep me cool during the heat that this week has been giving us. Though ice cream could have been in the cards, I thought I’d make something that’d be a bit easier on my tummy. Cue strawberry sorbet!

Super refreshing, sorbet is a great way to highlight the fresh, juicy berries that I collected earlier this morning! Plus with only three ingredients, this recipe is super easy and definitely a great way to ease into my afternoon of creation in the kitchen!

I have to say that after making sorbet with my fresh picked strawberries, I kinda want to do the same with other berries and fruits… maybe a lemon sorbet is next up given my absolute love of tart, lip-puckering lemons!

But back to the recipe! Lately, I have been soaking my berries and herbs in warm water with a couple spoonfuls of sea salt. That is mainly due to a TikTok I watched a while ago that revealed the hidden dirt (and sometimes critters!) trapped inside the crevices of your produce! That said, I’ve been eating berries without cleaning them so thoroughly for 22 years without an issue, so this isn’t really a vital step!

Regardless, after I soaked them for about 10 minutes, I drained them and ran them under some cool water before patting them dry. Next, I laid them on a parchment-covered baking sheet and stuck them in the freezer for about two hours, so that they were just barely frozen.

Once you pull them out of the freezer, things get even less complicated. Seriously! Toss your frozen berries into a food processor with honey and water and purée until smooth! Pour it into a container and let it freeze. That’s all it takes to create ice-cream-shop-quality sorbet!

The natural sweetness of the berries really shines in this simple sorbet. A healthy alternative to the sugary popsicle or carton of churned cream, this is a fantastic summertime treat! Devouring my first spoon of this crimson-coloured ice, I was in love! Almost like candy, these organic and farm-fresh strawberries are not even comparable with traditional store-bought berries, which tend to be water-logged and lacking any real taste.

This recipe was an immediate success with my fam and I definitely will be making sorbet again in the near future. Next time, I might even add in some fresh, chopped basil from my herb garden to add another dimension of flavour. Regardless, this strawberry sorbet is sure to remain an absolute crowd-pleaser!

. . .

Strawberry Sorbet

*Makes 6 servings*


  • 3 cups strawberries

  • 1/4 cup honey

  • 1/4 cup warm water


  1. Lay strawberries on a parchment-covered baking sheet and let freeze for about two hours.

  2. Mix together warm water and honey so that the honey liquifies slightly.

  3. Toss the frozen berries into a food processor, along with the honey and water mixture.

  4. Purée for 30 seconds until smooth.

  5. Pour berry mixture into a container and let it freeze overnight or until ready to enjoy!

. . .

Are you #teamsorbet or #teamicecream? Let me know below!


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