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Sunday Brunchin’

One of my absolute favourite things ever is Sunday brunch. Although sometimes after a crazy Saturday night, my version of brunch usually consists of a McGriddle right before the noon cutoff, there is something so lovely about a legitimate brunch.

I’m gonna keep it real with you when I say most days I tend to skip breakfast. I know, it’s a bad habit but I tend to always feel a bit nauseous when I wake up, and the last thing I want is a bountiful and nutritious breakfast. That said, if I do grab a bite, it’s usually some pure fruit juice and maybe a fibre bar because a girl’s gotta stay regular.

Brunch, however, is wonderful because it’s breakfast fare served at lunch. It’s the ultimate crossover and I am forever grateful for whoever thought up this fabulous in-between mealtime. Whether it’s a mimosa-fuelled, bougie brunch with the ladies or a lowkey and lazy kind of brunch, I’m game!

Naturally, when one of my classmates Kathi invited us all over for brunch at her place, I was quite excited, but also impressed at how willing our group is to come together and share in some great food and great conversation. Then again, we’re all foodies so it isn’t that much of a surprise that we all have this sort of food-centric love language.

At this particular brunch, I had the pleasure of snacking on all kinds of amazing things from sweet to savoury, salty to fruity, rich to fresh. All the tastebuds were satisfied for sure!

Disappointed that I didn’t have the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies (poor planning and a bit of laziness on my behalf), Jasmine and I decided to pick up some pastries at a pasticceria nearby. But this isn’t just any old pastry shop, Bar Pasticceria Converso is one of the famed pasticcerie here in central Bra. Known for its elegant pastries and friendly atmosphere, they pride themselves on serving simple, yet quality treats to their community.

After a morning espresso and a mini caramel beignet to whet the palate, we ordered a couple dozen pastries to take with us. Chocolate-covered, caramel-drizzled, fruit-topped and cream-stuffed...each one more tempting than the next!

After a short jaunt across town, we reached Kathi’s flat where brunch preparations were already in full swing. Tony, a visiting canine friend from Germany, was the first to welcome us. After licking us hello and realizing the pastries weren’t for him, he quickly gave up and went back to chewing on rocks. Weaving past friends helping to move tables and chairs into the courtyard, we followed the sound of music matched with the clatter of plates and the thud of knives on cutting boards and sizzling frying pans until we reached the kitchen.

In front of me, I ogle at sliced avocado and smoked salmon, shards of pecorino and shaved prosciutto all placed neatly on decorative plates. Thick pieces of homemade brioche line another plate next to crostini delicately drizzled with olive oil. The sound of popping seals from gianduja cream and jam jars cut through the crisp November air and competes with the sound of crackling oil in a pan. In another part of the kitchen, someone squeezes oranges for fresh mimosas while another classmate, his wife and their two-month-old little helper carefully craft cheese-stuffed arepas.

Needless to say, this was a very happening kitchen! As we all gathered to start building our tasting plates, I felt so incredibly happy to be a part of that moment, tasting and talking and sharing in the friendship of a Sunday brunch.

Though there were so many delicious items, I have to admit that one of my most favourite bites of the day were the truffled scrambled eggs, which were absolutely to die for! If you have never had truffled eggs, please get your hands on some kind of truffle product and dress up your eggs. It instantly takes a basic breakfast staple to the next level. A silky egg topped with an earthy truffle is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Another great staple of our brunch were cinnamon buns made by a German classmate. Initially, I was just thrilled to indulge my cinnamon bun cravings, but after biting into the sweet, nutty and warm buns, I felt myself melt. I was instantly transported back home to a time when freshly baked cinnamon buns were synonyms with watching movies as a family curled up under a blanket. Pure nostalgia in a single bite.

As the day went on, more bottles of Prosecco were opened and more treats like crostatas, apple cakes and Braidese gelato slowly arrived as more guests started to trickle in. Before we all knew it, brunch turned into aperitivo complete with Bloody Maries and shots of Colombian alcohol served in leftover tomato juice jars. This is how UniSG students brunch in Bra!

Definitely a brunch unlike any other I’ve experienced, this Sunday brunch will hold a special spot in my memory for some time. I feel so lucky to share in the coming together of cultures, which food so naturally does. I can’t wait for more gatherings like this in the future. In fact, Jasmine and I are currently planning the next event: aperitivo at our place!

. . .

Are you a brunch lover? Share your best brunch memory below!

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Nov 07, 2020

@Maria Checchia I was thrilled to satisfy my brunch cravings for sure!


Maria Checchia
Maria Checchia
Nov 05, 2020

Brunch with new found friends! Who can beat that! I agree it’s the perfect solution to breakfast and lunch!

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