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Trasloco a Torino

Hello to all the lovely people following my Italian journey! These last couple of weeks have been hectic between wrapping up course work, saying goodbye to friends and making a move. Needless to say, many calici di vino were shared, much bread broken…you get the picture!

After what seemed like endless trips back and forth between Bra and Torino, I’m finally all moved into my little apartment in the centre of Turin! Though it took some time to unpack all my stuff and make this house feel like a home, I’m super excited to be starting a new phase here in the city.

While summer will probably shape up to be a busy month between working hard for my internships, writing my thesis, and hopefully some travel, I’ve already begun my culinary adventure in a new city; starting with takeout! Living in the land of slow food, delivery apps were essentially nonexistent. Plus, considering that Bra was so small and classic, there really wasn’t ever a need for the services anyway. However, relocating to the city has meant a breadth of international food options that span far beyond the Piemontese fare, which is exciting!

So far, I’ve ordered from my local Indian restaurant and the other night I even opted for Mexican, feeling the need for a hearty burrito! While Italy is still number one for their traditional plates, it’s refreshing to know that there are so many multicultural restaurants in the area.

But, it hasn’t been all fast food all the time! I’ve finally gone through the stack of LCBO, Chatelaine and Canadian Living magazines that my parents sent and luckily that’s served as some inspiration for tuna and bell pepper cakes, maple-glazed salmon bites and shallot tartlets. I’ve also been creating a recipe that’ll be featured in the UNISG magazine (The New Gastronome) that combines sustainable ingredients with Canadian crops!

Besides being in the kitchen, it’s been a busy time working away researching for my two internships at Club Sandwich Magazine and The Preserve Journal, along with writing some pieces for RestoBiz magazine.

Despite all this excitement, I’ve also managed to do some exploring around the city and of course, catch a couple of soccer games with friends. I’m looking forward to the many new experiences here in Turin and sharing them with you all!

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