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An Instagrammable Brunch at Café CanCan

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Pink. Plush. Picturesque. Perfect for the ultimate #instagrammable brunch spot downtown. Located beside some funky Yorkville shops⁠— and across the street from CAFE⁠— ⁠is the perfect lil hideaway for your next gal’s brunch.

After picking up Chris from YYZ, we took the UP Express to Union Station and then an Uber to brunch … all just in the nik of time! Unfortunately, brunch can only last for so long 😞

Stepping inside, #CaféCanCan is a delight for the senses. Everything looks so adorable!

Pastel pinks, violets and aquamarines create a colourful explosion within the walls of the little locale. A funky bar and walk out backyard patio just add to the vintage barbie-dream house vibe of the café. And the smell of buttery pastries makes you feel like you’ve entered into a secret world where only good vibes exist. Who doesn’t want that?

We opted to have Le Brunch at Café CanCan, which is a meal with all the frills. Drip coffee, sparkling juice, fresh croissant, birthday éclair and a brunch entrée.

First, came the cute turquoise mugs filled with a much-needed and well-deserved cup of joe and the most adorable sprinkled, cream-filled éclairs. Rich, but not to the point of excess, they were luxurious.

Don’t even get me started on the croissants… honestly, out of this world! And that says a lot, since I generally don’t eat croissants unless they’re so flaky that each bite creates a flurry of buttery shards reminiscent of the season’s first snowfall. You get the image, your girl likes a good croissant 😉

As we continued munching and sipping our fancy brunch treats, Chris and I talked out the week’s plans. Between a birthday, book launch, graduation ceremony and a baseball game, we had to create a schedule to keep us on track! But, the planning didn’t last long before we were brought our next round of goodies⁠— mimosas!

Made with bubbling champagne (or frizzy water for a virgin-spin) and your choice of grapefruit or orange juice 🥂 Deciding to try something different, I discovered what a nice surprise a tart grapefruit mimosa can be! It was the right choice to begin my day-drinking. It also paired great with the rich and hearty mains that followed.

Let me just say that I don’t know why, but lately I've been all about short rib. Fall off the bone, tender shards of deliciousness have been calling out to me like crazy. That said, my heart did a somersault when I saw Beef Bourguignon Eggs Benny on the menu. Decision made.

A buttered piece of toasted sourdough slices. Juicy and tender meat. Perfectly poached eggs. The creamiest hollandaise ever. It was heaven, as you can probably imagine. And though it may sound terribly decadent, it wasn’t really, especially since this gluttonous dish was served with a crisp green salad to cleanse the palate.

Chris—Classic Chris— ordered Barry’s Burger. This was also quite rich and hearty⁠— surprising as the restaurant seems like it would serve daintier fare. That said, neither of us left hungry!

But, back to the burger. Gruyère cheese, crispy and smoky bacon, crisp lettuce, red onion, pickles and dijonnaise were topped abundantly on a pillowy brioche. Yet none of these tasty toppings overshadowed the main attraction: the ground chuck burger. Meaty and cooked to a juicy medium rare. Superb! But if a pink burger isn’t your thing, don’t forget to let your waiter know. A generous side of thick-cut fries on the side only made the dish better. Yum, yum and yum, again!

Bottom line: I would definitely recommend Café CanCan.

I think it’s a really adorable spot to have some genuinely good food. Staff was über friendly and the atmosphere was really fun and relaxed. Plus, for $29 in Yorkville the Café Brunch is a pretty awesome deal. I’ll definitely be going back again… maybe for a killer Galentine’s get-together!

❤ ❤ ❤


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