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Rustic, quaint and slightly unconventional, Silversmith Brewery is sure to catch your eye when driving into Niagara-on-the-lake.

Located in an old church, this brewery is super cool. Not to mention, kind of badass?! Winding green ivy covers the facade of the building, almost blocking the stained glass cathedral windows. It’s beautiful and magical and whimsical.

Stepping inside, you instantly realize that this is not a church. If the bar stools weren’t enough of a clue, the strumming of an electric guitar and the yeasty smell of hops is another indicator that this is a bar and not a place of worship. Although, I must admit, once I entered I began to question if this was a brewery or just an uber progressive church.

First impression,  the ambience was lively, upbeat, and really welcoming. You don’t feel out of place, you somehow feel like you belong as if you had been a regular for years. I don’t know about you, but I like that feeling when I try something new. It’s like a sign that everything will turn out alright. It makes me believe that the good people of that establishment will feed me with great food and supply me with awesome drinks. I guess what I’m saying is that a warm welcome just seems to set the tone. This is something that the staff knows all too well.

After being shown our seats, it was time for a drink. Since Chris doesn’t drink and because my dad was the designated driver for the day, they both ordered an artisanal root beer. Two bad gals, me and my mom decided we’d indulge on a beverage. I ordered an organic wine, while mom went with a Dam Buster English Pale Ale. I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed about ordering a wine at a brewery but I don’t like beer… or so I thought.

Tasting my mom’s beer, I was left surprised. It was light and inviting. With a rich toffee colour, flecks of orange and a buttery sweetness of caramel, this beer was a winner! As for my wine, it was also lovely, bursting boldly with red fruit flavours.

What got me most excited was the menu. Let me tell you, customers don’t just leave Silversmith Brewery happy because of the wonderfully tasting and wonderfully priced beer, but also because the food is deliciously creative and eccentric. #SilversmithBrewery offers pub fare with a flare. Don’t be surprised to find Korean or Indian dishes listed on the menu right next to classic English cuisine.

First, apps. After watching colourful creations fly out from the back nook where chefs worked their magic, I knew that whatever we ordered would most likely be delicious. Though I had my heart set on tasting the Lamb Vindaloo Nachos, not everyone else in my party was super keen on lamb. But come on, doesn’t that sound super funky?

As a table, we enjoyed freshly made Soft Pretzels served with a side of tangy beer-infused mustard. Perfectly crisp and golden on the outside and pillowy softness of the inside, we devoured the pretzels in all of two minutes.

Next came the main course. We agreed to each tried something different so we could each have a little taste of the many featured menu items.

Between the Bangers and Mash, Duck and Plum Burger and Korean Bibimbap, our taste buds couldn’t get enough. Each bite was increasingly better than the last! Sweet, savoury, warm, tangy, spicy, rich, comforting… these were all the flavour sensations experienced in one mealtime!

Sadly, when it came time for dessert (because there’s always room for dessert) their signature Sticky Toffee Pudding was all sold out. But, I guess that’s to be expected when a dessert is so scrumptious. Better luck next time, Sylvia.

Regardless, I’m totally enamoured by #SilversmithBrewery. It has a completely relaxed and effortless vibe. It’s great for an after-work hangout or when you just want to share some pints with friends on a lowkey night out. Try it. Trust me, it’s worth the drive to Niagara.


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