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Grandma Loves You: The Place Where a Big Ol’ Sub Feels Like Home

Updated: May 13, 2023

Forget the yellow submarine, I’ll have what Grandma’s having! After seeing images of delicious submarine sandwiches grace my Instagram feed for way too long, the perfect day to eat a hoagie came along one lazy Monday afternoon and I jumped at the opportunity to try Grandma Loves You.

Known for their massive, fully-loaded sandwiches that are designed either by the sandwich-making experts or based on your own divine inspiration, this sandwich shop has become a favourite for many because they deliver not just on size, but fresh flavour!

I had the pleasure of ordering a few menu items like the Turkey with Bacon and Cheese and the Chef’s Choice, a sub loaded with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, hot peppers, olives, fried onions and slathered with pesto! Well over a footlong, these sandwiches were devoured in an instant…what can I say? There’s just something about a fresh sandwich that really gets me going.

I also couldn’t resist but to try a French Dog, a croissant stuffed with a glistening hotdog, thick wedge of melty brie cheese and a swipe of sweet blueberry jam. Rest assured, it was one of the greatest ways that I’ve ever eaten a hotdog in my life.

Anyways, the question that came to mind as I snacked on a larger-than-life sammie was whether there is any difference between calling a sandwich of this stature a hoagie, hero or sub?

In case you were blissfully unaware (like me), a sub is a sandwich crafted with soft bread (long in structure like a baguette or Italian roll) that has been cut in half and loaded with deli meats, cheeses, fresh veggies and sauce. Any combo of toppings can be added, but the one thing to remember is that a sub is usually cold, but it can also be hot—recall one of my personal favs, the meatball sub.

A hoagie is very much the same sort of sandwich, except for that it usually consists of a harder bread that has only been partially sliced so that the fixins’ are stuffed inside. Hoagies are always a cold sandwich. Identical to the hoagie is the hero, whose name is the only thing that changes if you find yourself in New York. This type of sandwich might also be known as a grinder in New England or a spuckie as designated by Bostonians.

Regardless of the unique nomenclature, each sandwich boasts an enormousness identical to that of an underwater submarine or something that you’d have to be an utter hog or hero (you be the judge) to devour.

Moral of the story, if you see the words hoagie, hero or sub, know that, you’re in for a jumbo of a sandwich! If you’re interested in learning more definitely check this out.

Call it what you want as long as you call it delicious. Definitely check out Grandma Loves You for one heck of a craving-satisfier in Toronto!


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2 comentários

I must try, after all who could resist anything grandma….who loves you best but granny💕

15 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

Couldn’t agree more! Nice for an elevated sub in the city, but I’ve also got my eye on a few other places to try too 🥪

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