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Nothing Says Valentine’s Like Radicchio

Updated: May 13, 2023

Red, ravishing…radicchio?!

I came across a fabulous article this morning from the online farmer’s market Natoora that urges smitten couples to celebrate Valentine’s differently this year. How? Swap the traditional gift of roses for a bouquet of radicchio.

In a zippy Instagram post, the company explained how over 250 million roses are grown just for Valentines’ which stresses the supply chain because they are out of season. Likewise, these roses tend to be artificially cultivated in greenhouses that spray all sorts of chemicals and use an abundance of water.

The alternative to all this seeming waste? Give your loved one radicchio.

Of course, this is simply a marketing tactic by Natoora, but what a great tactic it is. It’s creative, sustainable and even beautiful…if you have never seen pink radicchio, do yourself a favour and check that out asap!

A bouquet of something leafy whether it be broccoli, ramps or a bunch of carrots is a unique way to say “I love you” and “I love the planet” since nothing wilts away without cause. A veggie arrangement means nothing goes to waste. And we all know that shopping sustainably is super sexy these days, especially when that bunch of ramps in your hand is locally-sourced and farmed organically!

If that weren’t enough reason for you to rethink roses, remember that when you trade vegetables for florals, you’re also at liberty to share an experience. You can grill, roast, sauté or braise the entirety of your veggie arrangement with your Valentine by your side! Creating a memory together is much more thoughtful than watching your loved one’s roses quickly wilt away.

Though a bit unconventional, I for one, am totally obsessed with this idea! Despite having worked at a florist during my university days, I’ve never been a huge flower fan. While they are undeniably beautiful, I often preferred gifts that were more tangible—read: gifts that I could eat.

While any type of Valentine is welcome, show up at my doorstep with glossy, ruby radicchio and you’ll really set yourself apart from the rest!

What’s your stance on swapping roses for radicchio this Valentine’s day?

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How unique truly and sustainable! Anyone that knows you well would go for such an option and win over your heart instantly💕

Feb 05, 2022
Replying to

Very creative indeed! 🤩👌🏼

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