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The Gastronomic Grad

I’m officially an expert in gastronomy! Well, sort of… the learning never ends.

After a whirlwind year of salami tastings, honey tastings, spirit tastings—bear with me, there were a lot of degustazioni, so many that I learned the importance of tasting rather devouring free samples—workshops on fermentation, seminars with local producers (cheesemongers, butchers, winemakers, you name it!) and many late nights at the natural wine bar, my year in Bra has sadly come to an end.

In early October, I graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences with a Master in Food Culture, Communication & Marketing. Though I learned many new things from an academic standpoint, the connections I made with professors, affiliates and my own classmates was unparalleled. I hope that one day I’ll be collaborating on one big foodie project alongside my UniSG alum.

The end of an era but not quite, I’ve decided to stick around in Italy, moving to the big(ger) city of Torino. And following a visit from my best friend and then my parents, I think my friends and family are starting to see why Italy has such a hold on me.

Of course, the food is what brought me here to study; Italy is a gastronomic playground! But, the lifestyle, while trying at times, is what makes everyday tasks seem a little less mundane. It’s going to the produce markets all over town on a Wednesday morning or stopping by a pastry shop for a cornetto that’ll give you a serotonin boost you didn’t ever think was possible.

Though reality is starting to ground me, following the festivities of my graduation, I hope that my Italian adventure continues to stay as exciting and as fruitful as it has been thus far. While I’m continuing to write for different media outlets like The New Gastronome, Resto Biz and The Preserve Journal, I’m also excited to be writing for Italian Delights!

Wish me luck in my career ventures! The world is my oyster, or at least that’s what I’ve been told, but I’d rather just eat a dozen and toast to what I’ve accomplished so far!


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